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Research fields Core technology Development goal(specification) Current situation
Linear compressor
development and commercialization
Linear motor stator / Magnet precision processing
Resonant spring & frequency control
matching Cylinder, piston&valve precision processing
Noise reduction and durability
ㆍProduct line-up
-Capacity(flow) : up to 1.5 lpm
-discharge pressure : up to 20 bar
-power consumption : up to 100W
-noise : under 50dB
Prototype production completed
Gas bearing application FPSC
development and commercialization
Linear compressor and resonant spring dynamic analysis
Free piston , cylinder and displacer precision processing
Gas bearing flow analysis
Hot/cold heat exchanger & regenerator design and processing
ㆍFor deep freezer (input : 8.5V, 9A)
-Cold end min. temperature : -100℃
-Cooling capacity : 20W
-Cooling time : 15min
-Noise(1m distance) : 55dB
-Weight(FPSC only) : 4.0kg
Prototype production completed
Linear comperssor application
POC development
Linear compressor control
PSA chamber control
PSA(Pressure swing adsorption) chamber control
Oxygen conserver control
System configuration to minimize power consumption
Linear compressor for POC
-Discharge pressure : 2bar
-Resonant frequency : 150Hz
-input power : 45W
-noise : 40dB
-weight : 0.75kg
ㆍ Oxygen delivery : up to 3 lpm
ㆍ Oxygen concentration : 90%+6%-3%
ㆍ Weight : 2.2kg
ㆍ Continuous and pulse dosing delivery mode
product analysis stage
Micro hydraulic
power pack development
Motor & product components(hydraulic pump, housing) processing
Hydraulic control system design
Actuator design & processing
-Pump type : high pressure gear
-motors : 500W
-reservoir : 1 liter
-pressure : up to 200bar
-flow : up to 5 lpm
product analysis stage

Reverse design up to ㎛ unit
Manufacture & guaranteed quality